At American Coatings, we make things easy for you. We will lend our expertise to help you make important decisions about your space. We inspect for the different surfaces you may have and apply only the suitable options available for those surfaces


Your fence serves as your home security.  Give it some personality by adding some color to your plain fence.

At American Coatings, we will help you protect your fence from the ravages of Mother Nature by using only the most element-protecting substances on your fences.

Deck Painting/Staining

Your deck is where you relax and occasionally entertain your guests. It can also be converted into a host of other things you require.

Keep your deck stained regularly and weather

resistant with our painting professionals.


Grime stuck in places

you can’t get to?

Have you recently purchased a space, whether an industrial building, commercial building, or living space that looks older than it should be? We provide power washing services that help you extricate years-old dirt on exterior surfaces like wood, concrete, aluminum, bricks, and asphalts to get a clean surface to paint.


Your garage floor is one of the most used and completely ignored parts of your building.

Whether in your home or buildings, you will find that your garage floor has tire skids, scuff marks, oil stains, and other stains. Protect your garage floor.


Your roof is the one part of your building that is continuously exposed to all the elements.

This is the reason your roof is very susceptible to rust, which causes leakages and cracks in the roofing, which will cause you to replace it at a high price.

We offer premium roof coating services that protect your roof from the elements.


Our Exterior painting services include;

Residential, Commercial, industrial painting and staining, Wood Floor Refinishing, Concrete staining, Epoxy finishes, Roof Coatings Stucco repairs and Power washing. 


A professionally done job is the best way to protect and flatter your home interior.

Whether you need the whole house painted or just a remodeled, American Coatings provide a wide range of interior painting services that guarantee excellent results in your home.

Cabinet Refinishing

and Repainting

Kitchen cabinetry is one of the household furniture that needs to be occasionally repainted.

 At Prime American Coatings, we provide custom cabinet refinishing and repainting services specific to your cabinets.

Wall texturing and texture removal

Our wall texturing services help you add some details to your walls, thereby completely transforming the space. We also provide texture removal services for your walls, which help you create a fresh start.

Contact your

House painter now.

Wallpaper removal

At American Coatings, we understand that removing your wallpaper can cause a mess. With our expertise, wallpaper removal becomes a smooth and painless process, giving you a smooth surface to work with.

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Industrial Coatings

We are specialists in the preparation and application of industrial-grade products. We use high-end specialty coatings to coat, protect, and prevent corrosion of your equipment and facilities like engine rooms, high-temperature equipment, high reach, steel, and concrete.


Commercial painting

Your business represents a vital part of your livelihood.  American Coatings offer commercial painting services that impress your clients from the door. We will work during your closing hours to ensure that your business operations are not disturbed.


Residential painting

At American Coatings, we work towards customizing every room in your home, while lending our expertise, to transform your space according to your requirements.


Water damage is the leading cause of wall damage, so does walls with holes. Our painters will help you fill, sand, and repair all drywall faults your wall may have.​

Light carpentry

and repairs

Wooden, metal, or stucco surfaces need repairs when they are damaged. Our painters are qualified to assist you with any light carpentry needs and repairs to any of these surfaces.​



Stucco Repairs

and Painting

Maintaining the stucco covering your house is very important as it helps keep your home looking its best.

 At American Coatings, our specialists have the knowledge required to repair and paint your stucco surfaces and guarantee an

exquisite finish.


At Prime American Coatings, we make things easy for you. We will lend our expertise to help you make the important decisions about your space. We inspect for the different surfaces you may have and apply only the suitable options available for those surfaces